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DECEMBER - 2020 12 he continuous evolution of medical care space has had a significant increase in the rise in the percentage of life expectancy. Factors such as the increasing geriatric population and acceptance of orthopaedic implants are primarily propelling the market growth. Different innovations leveraging various modern technologies, as to orthopaedic injuries and musculoskeletal diseases are driving the orthopaedic devices market to a significant extent. United Orthopaedic Corporation (UOC), has been a significant contributor to this market growth with its innovative, regulatory-compliant implants and instrumentation used in total hip and knee replacements and revision surgeries. UOC, from over a quarter of a century, has been offering a flexible range of clinically proven solutions used to perform primary total hip and knee replacement, revision procedures, and oncology applications. It is also worth mentioning that UOC is also one of the very few companies that offer clinical education, customer service, and product support for orthopaedic surgeons and hospital staff as well. “Even in giant companies, they often have outsourced resources in some aspects, but we have everything in-house, which is quite unique for a company of our size,” says Francois Bopp, president (Europe) of UOC. The company is headquartered in Taiwan with branch offices in the US, Europe, China, and Japan. Its products are currently sold in 38 countries such as Italy, Turkey, Spain, Iran, Greece, South Africa, Thailand, and Puerto Rico. UOC’s vertically integrated manufacturing process is unique. The firm operates Quality Management UNITED ORTHOPAEDIC CORPORATION QUARTER-CENTURY OF INNOVATION AND INTEGRATED PRODUCTION COVER STORY By Alex D’Souza